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Earlier this year, we hired QBS Architects INC to provide us with the design for our dream home in the Bridal Path, Toronto. We came up with a very long wish list for the things we would like to have in our home. At first, we thought it was impossible to have all the things we asked for, but amazingly, QBS Architects team managed to put everything in the way we dreamed of.
Also, QBS team involved in the coordination with all consultants and City. They also provided us with the pros and cons list of three quotations they obtained from each consultant. Then, we individually interviewed and negotiated with each consultant.
They have been extremely patient and cooperative in terms of design progress to accommodate with all our family members’ needs. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them at every step of the way. QBS Architects provided us with a great design service at a very competitive price. We have worked with quite few good architects in the past on various projects, but we would say QBS Architect is the best that we have ever come across.

Hyde park Circle
Bridal Path, Toronto

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